Parents/ Guardians are asked to ring the school if their child is absent. If a child needs to leave early the school should be informed on that morning by phone.
When you want to speak to a teacher.
We realise that it may be difficult for some to get to Rahan. Please remember that you are always welcome. It is impossible, however for teachers or other staff members to talk to parents if they arrive unexpectedly. Please ring and make an appointment to see the teacher/ principal through the school secretary.

Parent - Teacher meetings are usually held in February. Constant communication and monitoring of progress is achieved through the school/home diary. The diary remains the property of the school at all times.
Information we need.
In order for us to be entrusted with the care of your child we require the following information.
1. Emergency contact numbers and procedures.
2. Likes and dislikes.
3. Medical needs
4. Hygiene needs
5. Family members and
6. Extended family and friends.

Changes in family circumstances, e.g. the arrival of a new baby, moving home, the death of a grand - parent, etc. can have an effect on your child. You may wish to notify the class teacher of any such changes.

In order for us to ensure the best quality of education for your child we need assistance in this area to ensure your child is ready for our daily activities. You can help us by;
1. Choosing clothes and shoes that make life easier for your child. (Buttons, zips and laces sometimes cause problems. Velcro runners and elastic waistbands are simplest.)
2. Put your child's name on everything that is worn to school.
3. A full change of clothes must be kept in school for your child.
4. All money sent to the school must be in an envelope and be clearly labelled with the child's name.
In an effort to simplify the selection of school clothes we have a uniform in place for Mochuda Preschool. It is the same uniform as for Scoil Charthaigh Naofa. It consists of a navy v-neck jumper with the mainstream school crest, a light blue polo shirt, and grey trousers and runners. The crest can be embroidered at Gallant Embroidery Mucklagh.
Personal Care.
Everybody works best when they feel clean and comfortable. Hygiene is a whole school issue. With this in mind we encourage parents to -
1. Keep children's nails short.
2. Check hair regularly for lice.
3. Send in a change of clothes and nappies if necessary, when required.

Every child's health is important to us. In order to ensure the highest standard of medical care, the following have been agreed -
1. Home is the best place for a sick child.
2. Wounds should be properly dressed.
3. Please notify us of any medication that your child may be taking.
4. As a rule, teachers are unable to administer medication. Please contact the Principal for arrangements.
5. Never send medication to school with your child. It should always be handed from adult to adult.

Suitable snacks for school.
While respecting the dietary difficulties faced by many of our children, we encourage healthy, balanced diets. Suitable snacks include fruits, yoghurts, crackers, cheese, and sandwiches. Please inform the school if your child has a special dietary requirement or any food allergies.