Seeking a Home Tutor for the In-person Supplementary Programme?

Dear parent 

The In-person Supplementary Programme to Support the Education and/or Care Needs of Pupils with Complex  Needs scheme is a temporary measure during this period of school closure, in February 2021. The four-week  programme (20 hours) can commence from 11 February and can be used by families at any time up until the end  of April.  

These hours supplement existing school provision provided remotely, therefore they cannot be delivered during  the school day. They can however be delivered outside of the normal school day and/or at weekends if necessary.  

School Management will identify eligible children and bring the scheme to the attention of parents of eligible  pupils. Where parents wish to participate in the scheme, schools will complete Part 1 of the Grant Claim Form and  provide it to parents. 

Unfortunately, a teacher/SNA could not be secured through the school. To support your child the following list  of websites may be of assistance to you.  

It is important for parents or guardians to satisfy themselves on the appropriateness of potential home tutors,  including their Garda vetting status.  

Name of Organisation Weblink  

School Days Provision 

Support can also be accessed through the Irish Primary Principals Network (IPPN)  at the link:

July Provision 

Education Posts 


Rollercoaster Home Tutors 

Tutor Hub 

Autism Services Ireland

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