School Book Collection Sun Jan 10th 2021 etc!!!!

Collection of school books Sun 10th Jan 2021

Scoil Charthaigh Naofa,





Re. Collection of Schoolbooks - Sunday 10-01-2021

Dear parent(s)/ Guardian(s)


We will be opening the school on Sunday, 10th January 2021 to allow you to collect your children’s materials. To ensure your safety and to comply with government regulations, you will need to read this letter carefully as you will need to identify your pick up time slot etc.

*Strict adherence* to all HSE Guidelines around Covid -19 will apply at all times


Step 1. Time slot to come to school:


The school will have set up a collection point in school gym. Time slots are staggered to ensure social distancing, traffic management etc. Please do not show up at the school at a time which is not your appointed slot. As the process is contactless, your child’s books will be left in bundles in gym, ordered alphabetically within their class group. Walk to each class grouping to collection your child's bundles.


1pm– 1.30 pm                  Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st classes (and older siblings)


1.30 – 2 p.m    2nd, 3rd and 4th classes (and older siblings)


2p.m. – 2.30 pm    5th and 6th classes


Step 2: Arriving at school

Whether you are travelling to school on foot, by car or otherwise, it is important to ensure you follow these directions in order to reduce risk and comply with government regulations.


  1. Only arrive at school at your designated time. For example, if you have a child in Junior Infants (and siblings in older classes), you have from 1p.m. – 1.30 p.m to collect your child's belongings. We ask that you stop, pick and go.

  2. Where possible, come to school alone. If this is not possible, please leave children in car.

  3. Please follow the usual one way system in car park i.e. drive in at top next to staff car park and exit in front of front door

  4. Collection point will be in gym. We ask that you form a queue at front wall of school, adhearing to social distancing. Staff will be allowing two parents into gym at any one time.When called, walk in front door of gym and exit from gym using side door onto pitch

  5. Books/ materials will be in baskets. Your child’s name will be clearly labelled on basket 

  6. If there is someone at the collection point, please stand in the queue and wait until the person ahead of you has moved away.

  7. The table will have hand sanitiser for you to use if you wish.

  8.  Please *move** off** from the school yard / car-park as soon as you have
    collected* your child’s books so as to adhere to the social distancing
    guidelines and in order to make way for the next group of parents arriving.


    There will be staff around the site to help with movement but please ensure you uphold social distancing rules. Please do not approach staff unless you require help with movement (and please don’t be offended at we are simply trying to keep us all safe!)* Please observe *at least** 2 metres distancing at all times*, (in the car-park / entering and exiting the school grounds / in the car park when collecting).

    * We ask that you wear face covering and use hand sanitizer.

    * Please *co-operate with the instructions* of school staff assisting.



    Step Three: Exiting the school car park


    To ensure your safety, we are operating a one way system in car park. Please follow our usual enter/ exit route. 

    If for any reason you cannot collect your child’s belongings at the appointed time, please nominate an adult to collect for you. Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate collection of belongings at other times/ on other dates. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and we appreciate that this experience is not exactly how we would love to be able to do things.


    We have to reduce the risk of physical contact, so it is likely you will not speak to anyone while you are here.

    Remote Learning


    As from January 11th 2021 the school will revert to home schooling using a blend of Seesaw and email. I will list work emails for staff below. I ask that you contact your child's class teacher via email so staff have your email to send/ receive work.



    Junior and Senior Infants: 


    1st Class: 

    2nd Class: 

    3rd Class: 

    4th Class: 

    5th Class: 

    6th Class: 

    Hopefully, things will begin to get back to normal and we’ll soon be able to see each other again. As always, the staff and I thank you all for your support at this time. I will keep you updated as things develop.


    Kind Regards


    Mary Cleary




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