Today we say goodbye to our first junior infants who started in the new amalgamated school in 2007. Then we had 6 classes and two support teachers working here. Since then the school has grown to having 8 classes, 2 support teachers and Mochuda has opened its doors. From having 145 children and 10 adults working here on a daily basis we have grown to having 200 children and 26 adults working here on a daily basis. We have seen the retirement of Mary Neville and Carmel Mollin and the arrival of new staff. And yet life goes on, the children that are entrusted to us as school staff grow and follow their dreams and take on the world. Some children who started in Killina GNS and Rahan BNS have come back to us as trainee teachers or as part of their college studies or even as part of their secondary schooling. It is always great to see them and to see how well they are getting on. Included in this post are two lovely photos illustrating continuity and change. We have a picture of a child and her mammy and their friend (we all know who they are but I cannot publish names on the net) on the childs first day in school. The photo was recreated this week on her graduation day. Plus ca change plus la meme chose- everything changes yet still stays the same. Good luck to our graduates and from all the team here in Rahan have a great summer and we look forward to seeing all the children in September older taller stronger yet still the same.