First Confession and Communion for 3rd Class Sep 2020

Dear parents,

A big welcome back to the boys and girls of third class this year. It’s been great to get back to school after the extended closure and thank you all for your support and co-operation during the re-opening.

Unfortunately, both sacraments in 2nd class had to be postponed during the closure but I’m delighted to share the following re-scheduled dates.

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation – Tuesday, September 8th at 6pm in Killina church.

  • First Holy Communion – Saturday, September 19th at 11am in Killina church.

Following current guidelines, the following restrictions will apply to these ceremonies:

  • Please enter the church only 5 minutes beforehand.

  • Seats will be assigned to each family group and will be socially distant from others. Please stay in the assigned seat for the duration of the ceremony.

  • Each child may have 3 family members only accompanying him/her. There may only be 4 people in each family group.

  • All prayers will be recited aloud by the children from their seats and there will be limited movements to the altar area.

  • After the Holy Communion ceremony, a class photograph will be taken on the altar. The children will be arranged by class pods. We ask that only the photographer will take the class photo and this will be made available to parents afterwards.

  • We also ask that families do not congregate outside the church afterwards. Unfortunately, the traditional party in the secondary school cannot take place this year either. Rest assured, the children will have a treat day in school after the Communion day.

We are all looking forward to celebrating with the 3rd class children as they take the next step in their spiritual journeys. I also ask parents to help prepare their children for the sacraments and practice prayers at home, especially as the time frame for preparation is shorter than normal.

Thank you for your continued co-operation.


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