Exceptional Ability and Giftedness Policy

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Exceptional Ability / Giftedness Policy

Definition and background/origins
"An able child is one that achieves or has the ability to achieve at a level significantly in advance of their peer group. This may be in all areas of the curriculum or in a limited range". Eyre 1999

1. Children who are considered gifted may have been assessed by a psychologist and found to have a high level of intelligence (an I.Q. score of 130+, 98th Percentile).
2. Giftedness is recognized as a "disability" or Special Education condition in the Education Act of 1998.

School Ethos

We, the teaching staff at Scoil Charthaigh Naofa, Rahan have agreed to cater for those pupils who are exceptionally able in academic areas (i.e. the top 5% of the school population) where time and resources of the Special Education Team allow. Those pupils who show exceptional talent in non-academic areas e.g. psychomotor ability, mechanical aptitude, visual and performing arts ability, will be given information regarding the relevant outside agencies.

Procedure for identification and selection of pupils

1. A range of strategies may be used to identify exceptionally able pupils;
" Annual standardized tests
" Curriculum textbook assessments
" N.R.I.T.
" Psychological Assessments
" Teacher observation
" Peer and Parent appraisal
" Referral by other individuals or organizations.
2. All students will be screened using the NRIT in second class
3. The pupils from fourth class upwards who meet the criteria for exceptionally able (I.Q. of 130+) will be offered extension classes on a withdrawal basis subject to the approval of the pupil and their parents and resources of the special education team. These classes will form part of each SET's timetable.

Responsibility and Management

1. The class teacher is responsible for differentiation within the classroom.
2. The post holder responsible for special education will be responsible for:
" organisation of extension classes including timetabling
" acquisition and distribution of teaching resources for differentiation
" acquisition and distribution of information regarding referral an assessment by outside agencies.
" liaison with parents and class teachers.
3. The post holder and class teacher may meet with parents of Exceptionally Able and Talented pupils to pass on information regarding referral, assessment and programmes at CYTI (Irish Centre for Talented Youth) @D.C.U.
4. When necessary, funding may be made available by the school to cover costs incurred by disadvantaged pupils selected for attendance @ CYTI.
5. According to guidelines for professional developments, costs will be paid by B.O.M. to teaching staff who attend in-service training and courses about giftedness.

This policy is subject to review following the issue of the NCCA Guidelines.

This policy was formulated by the whole staff at a staff meeting on Friday 5th September 2008 and was ratified by the board of management of the school on Thursday 11th September 2008

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